Grow Journal: Flowering Under LED part 3


Marijuana LED Grow Journal  - Cannabis Strains and Grow Method

I promised to get into more detail about the strains of marijuana being flowered under the Pro Grow led light.  So here goes.

I'm flowering 12 plants that were taken as cuttings.  They represent four different strains.  Cuttings were taken from the BEST specimen in each strain.

So here are the marijuana strains I'm using to test flowering under the Pro Grow 550 watt LED in this grow:

Blueberry (4 plants - genetics from Oregon)

Euphoria Rapido Fantastico (4 plants - Euphoria Unlimited X Highland Mexican (50/50 Indica Sativa)

Elephant Bud (2 plants - yes, this is the Elephant Bud from now defunct

Thumper (2 plants - another strain from BCSeeds)

All twelve plants were taken as cuttings between the end of August and middle of September.  They spent anwhere from 2-3 weeks in the clone area.  Once each clone developed a nice strong root structure they were then transplanted into a half gallon pot and put under LED light on the vegetation table.   And this is where they stayed until being transplanted into the 18 gallon Sterlite containers and placed in the flower room.  Lights were set to 18/6 - using an array of 4 90 watt LED lights while I waited for the 550 watt Pro Grow led light to arrive from Hydroponics Hut.

Grow medium: Soil, OMRI certified natural and organic (Roots, Black Gold with Coir)

Pot/Container: Sterlite 18 gallon storage tub

6 Sterlite tubs

6 1.5 cubic foot bags of Roots Organics potting soil

2 2 cubic foot bags of Black Gold OMRI organic potting soil with coir (water hold)

Once I drilled several drain holes in the bottom of each Sterlite container, I put about 3 inches of Volcanic Pumice (3/4 - 1 inch pellets) in the bottom of each tub to insure good drainage.

Then, I filled each tub about 1/3rd with Roots organic soil.  HERE is where a little magic happens -- I mixed in some EXTRA stuff to create a layer of  'super soil'.  I added feather meal, flax meal, bone meal, kelp meal, seabird guano and crab meal from the Pacific Northwest coast, and a couple other secret ingredients.  Once I mixed these added nutrients into the bottom 3rd of the Roots potting soil, I proceeded to fill each tub with the rest of it's bag of Roots.  I then topped each tub off with the Black Gold and mixed it in about 4 inches.  The organic Black Gold with coir does have a little bit of food/nutrient in it, but compared to the Roots potting soil, it's very mild.  And so by mixing it into the top 1/3rd layer of soil in the Sterlite tubs, I've effectively created a gradual increase in nutrients from top to bottom.  My idea here is to NOT burn or shock the plants at transplanting, yet provide good nutrient uptake as the roots (and plants) develop.  By the time the roots hit the bottom 3rd of the container, they will be well into flower,  super hungry, and ready to soak up the super soil nutrients without harm.

note:   read Subcool's super soil recipe to learn more about this method.

Once the tubs were all filled with soil, I transplanted the clones (about 8 weeks old at this point) into the Sterlite tubs - two (2) plants per tub.

So with six tubs in all we have 12 plants.

I expect that the Euphoria Rapido Fantastico is going to get the biggest and finish the latest, as it's got the most Sativa of the 4 strains.  Elephant Bud finishes in 45 days, so it will be first.   Blueberry and Thumper will finish somewhere in between Euphoria Rapido Fantastico and Elephant Bud.  They all are good yielders -- especially the Elephant Bud.  But then, all this is still a crap shoot not having flowered completely under LED before.

I'm excited to find out.  But this is a journey that will take at least 8-9 weeks.  So let's enjoy the ride, K?

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of this grow journal.

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