Grow Journal: Flowering Under LED, part 4


Pro Grow 550 watt LED Grow LightAbout the LED Grow Light

Pro Grow 550 watt

I wanted to post a little more information and some specs on this light.

Initial features of  the Pro Grow 550 watt

1. 28,000 Lumens
2. Full spectrum - CREE High Output chipset
3. 3-watt flowering chipset
4. Tested equal to 1200 watt HID

The Pro Grow line of led grow lights is exclusive to Hydroponics Hut.  They've been working to improve indoor grow light technologies since 2006.   In addition to using high output (HO) CREE bulbs and 3 watt flowering chipsets, the release of their Pro Grow line in 2010 added 'specta control', giving growers the ability to select the lighting spectrum to match current growing needs (veg versus flower).

Pro Grow 550 - back viewThe 550 watt Pro Grow led I'm using in this grow does exactly that, with two switches on the back of the light  (green buttons in left photo).  One switch turns RED spectrum on or off, and the other switch controls power to the BLUE spectrum.  This allows the light to go from the vegetation phase through the flowering phase without needing separate lights for each spectrum.

In addition, power consumption can be cut by half when one of the spectrums is turned off.

For MY test grow I'm journaling here, I have both switches in the ON position.  I will leave the light in 'full spectrum' mode (both switches in ON position) at least through the first 5-6 weeks of the flowering phase.   I want to get good vegetative growth from the Thumper and Blueberry, which tend to slow down or stop stretching in flowering phase.  And because I have a 7+ foot ceiling in the flower area, the Euphoria Rapido Fantastico, which has more sativa in it, should have enough headroom.

My Observation So Far

Its been only 10 days since hanging the Pro Grow 550 over the plants.   I can see new growth and a deeper greening, especially in the last 4-5 days, which I'll visually document in my next post to this journal.  (I bought a new (better) camera and am waiting for shipment -- I will resume taking photos AND video once it arrives -- yeehaw, I can't wait.)

I also want to note that with the full spectrum of this light, it's really easy on the eyes to work around.  Its also NOT having any adverse effect on temperature control for the room.  The temperature in the flower room, with no fans moving air, rises only 1- 2 degrees from ambient room temperature when the light is on.

I recently added a 6 inch exhaust fan and additional passive air intakes, but only for oxygenating the plants.  I have the fan on a speed control and set to the LOWEST speed.  I only need to bring in fresh co2-laden air for the plants... NOT to keep the room cooled down from the heat of the light.

Oh yeah... and I've watched my electrical meter several mornings now -- it doesn't spin wildly out of control when the Pro Grow light turns ON.  Gotta love that!

Pro Grow 550 - Full Specs

1. Weight: 18 lbs. Height: 3.7" Length: 19" Depth: 13"
2. Total Watts: 550w maximum. Can be reduced by 50% depending on spectrum settings.
3. 7 Band lamp spectrum:
Red 660 & 630 nm
HO Cree 101 & 111 + 3500K
Deep Ultra Violet: 380 nm
Infra Red LED: 730 nm

4. Replaces a 1200 watt HPS/MH lighting system
5. Uses 135 degree lens
6. Uses just the lighting spectrum the plants need (when they need it)
7. Lifespan over 50,000 hours
8. No hot ballast to deal with, or heat (thermal image) to dissipate.
9. Covers 52 square feet, or will grow up to twelve (12) plants through all cycles of growth.
10. Operates in temperatures of -4F~+104F

Get more info on on the Pro Grow 550 at Hydroponics Hut.

Expect some new visuals of the girls in my next installment of this grow journal.


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