Marijuana Grow Journal: Flowering Under LED, part 2


In this installment of the grow journal, I'm posting a couple photos of the flower room before and after hanging the 550 watt Pro Grow LED light.  I'll also get into a bit more detail about the cannabis plants being used for this grow experiment.

Before I began this test grow using just one LED grow light, I had four 90 watt LED grow lights hung in an array with each light spaced about 18 inches apart, and the array spaced about 20 inches from the back wall of the flower room.   Since these lights are purported to have a coverage of ~ 3 feet square, I felt that overlapping each light's coverage a bit should help with light penetration.

flower room 90 watt led The photo on the left is of that LED light arrangement.  It only allowed me to use about 1/3rd of the available space in my flower room.  I was satisfied with how this arrangement worked for the Lowryder2 flowering project - even using 3 lights instead of 4, with just the 6 dwarf Lowryder plants I didn't need more room.

But finding myself with a bunch of vegging clones approaching 12 inches tall, I really wanted to be able to flower at least twelve (12) of these cannabis plants in one flowering cycle.  And that meant upping the lighting power and penetration to cover the entire 6.5 feet X 6.5 feet flower room.

So while I talked with Ben at Hydroponics Hut about their Pro Grow line,  I also started transplanting a dozen clones into 18 gallon Sterlite tubs - two plants per tub.  With the flower room in the original lighting configuration above, you can see that I have 4 Sterlite tubs spaced evenly along the back wall.  Its plain to see that lighting arrangement would simply NOT do for this project.

By the time I received the 550 watt Pro Grow led light from Hydroponics Hut, I had 12 clones transplanted and well past any transplant shock.  I also had the mounting arrangement for the new led light in place, along with a set of YO-YOs for easy height adjustments.    I just had to move the plants out of the way to hang it.  And... 'voila.

550 watt Pro Grow led grow lightThis light/plant spacing arrangement should work far better than before - It allows the entire flower room to be utilized (more plants = bigger harvest),  in fact there's room for two more Sterlite tubs with room to move around the plants to work.  Using one grow light makes height adjustments faster and easier, keeping proper distance over the plants at all times.  And I hope to discover the high power CREE chipset combined with the coverage of this light will be near as good as the Sun itself for developing dense bud structure.

Oops... I'm out of time this morning.  So info on the plants will have to wait till my next update.  Coming soon, so Stay tuned.


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