Marijuana Grow Journal: Flowering Under LED, part 6


Bud Growth

Two weeks into flowering
No real need to write a progress report, when ...

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words.

This first photo, to the left, was taken at 2 weeks into the change to 12/12.

So, the photo to the left was taken 4 days ago.

Same Plant Today

Bud growth 4 days later.

In this photo, to the left, it's fairly easy to see the growth and swelling taking place in the developing bud.

The camera is a few inches further away from the plant in this photo.  But this bud is easily 2, maybe 3 times larger than it was 4 days ago.

Soon approaching 3 weeks since flipping to 12/12,  I can see that flowering energy is really revving up for all the plants now.

Fubars and Foibles

Although overall, the plants are healthy and progressing -- I discovered that the Blueberry and Elephant Bud do not like a TOO-nutrient-rich diet when they started curling leaves.  Between the layer of super soil placed in the bottom third of the planting containers and getting watered with home-made organic tea every other watering, nobody's going hungry in the grow room.

I've cut the 4 Blueberry and 2 Elephant Bud girls back to a tea-time every third watering, and they are looking much happier.  Live and learn.

The Light

Its still early in this test grow, but so far I can't find anything to complain about with the Pro Grow 550 watt led.

  • It's proved to be super eco-friendly both on the utility bill and the planet - which is what I expected.
  • It is true that it produces no heat to speak of - causing no adverse impact on room temp or delicate plant leaves. Also what I expected.
  • It seems, so far, to be doing it's job (and a good job, too) for the plants - Providing proper light spectrum for plant health and noticeable bud growth.

Keep an eye out for the next grow journal installment.

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