Marijuana Grow Journal: Flowering Under LED, part 7


There's not much to show and tell right now...

I changed the layout of the plants in the grow room a couple days ago. From back to front of grow room, instead of three rows with two planting tubs per row, I've gone to two rows with 3 planting tubs per row.

Why did I do this? The new layout better matches the footprint of the Pro Grow led light, as I have it hanging in the room.

flowering room layout

Here's a quick shot I took of the new room layout yesterday.

You might also notice that the Pro Grow led light is hanging a few inches higher.  I've had to raise it up twice in the last 8 days, about 3 inches each time.


The plants are still growing vertically since flowering began. Some are producing more vertical growth than others - Euphoria Rapido Fantastico, Elephant Bud, and Thumper.


fractured stem training

This afternoon I 'snapped' (fractured) the taller branches on these plants to force them to grow laterally and maintain a more even canopy.

Within a few days, the buds on these branches should be pointing and growing UP towards the light.

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