Marijuana Grow Journal: Flowering Under LED, part 8

The plants are now about smack dab in the middle of their flowering cycle -- With ~ 38-40 days left to finish everyone in the room.

I haven't posted anything new on this grow since just before Thanksgiving (11/18 to be exact).

Besides my 'day job', I've been non-stop busy with finishing up the final trimming work on the 2010 outdoor harvest, as well as Thanksgiving holiday preparatations, and the start of a succession of birthday celebrations for various Saggitarian friends and loved ones (including MYSELF).  Saggitarians are WONDERFUL people  😉  Consider making one YOUR friend today.

Anyway... back to this grow, there has not been a whole LOT to show and tell over this time because the flower growth seemed to all but stop for this period.  And although it's NOT unusual for bud growth to plateau for a week or even two around the middle of the flowering cycle, I have not been altogether convinced THAT is the only reason for this.

Could it be the Pro Grow LED light?  Maybe.  But I'm not at all convinced this is the reason.  More likely its one or more of the following.

  • I may have stressed the plants by spraying the room with one of the "Safer" organic pest products.  I've had a minor fungus gnat issue and decided to shoot down any of the little buggers flying around in the room.  The next morning I found the plants looking a bit sad, with curled leaves.
  • Right about the same time as spraying the fungus gnats, the temperatures fell off in the flower room for a few days, due to unusually frigid weather.  I've now got a thermostatically controlled heat source in the room keeping the temps between 70 and 72 F.
  • And remember, I'd overfed some of the strains in this room which stressed them, and have been giving them only plain water for the last 2 weeks.  Buds can't grow BIG on water alone.

However, I'm seeing renewed growth and bud swelling in the last few days.  And tomorrow all the ganga girls get a nice feeding of home-brewed organic tea.  I highly suspect we will see bud growth really revving up after this feeding, and continuing to explosion as harvest day approaches.

I've got my fingers crossed, anyway.

Hang tight - I'll be including more visuals in the next post on this cannabis grow using LED.

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