Marijuana Grow Journal: Flowering Under LED, part 9


marijuana leafI'm baaaaak.

Between the hectic holidays and a health issue flaring up, I've not had the time or energy to get back to posting updates on this grow.   But things are getting back to normal now...   So, let me get YOU caught up with what's gone on with this grow since my last post.

If you've been following this journal, you recall that I began to notice bud growth and development slowing down.  What I didn't mention was that a friend of mine had taken over tending this grow.  To make a LONG story short --  between not monitoring ph levels AND not zipping up the room properly allowing a teensy bit of light in during the dark period,  enough adverse affect occurred that I decided to scrap the grow.

The final straw was discovering that one of the plants -- the plant nearest the zipped opening to the room --  that plant hermied and pollinated all the plants in the room.   Bummer.

Here's all that's left -- the plants you see were ones I stuck in around the edge some weeks after the grow started, so they weren't even part of the test grow.  Pretty sad-looking in there right now, eh?

All that's left of the scrapped marijuana test grow.

Needless to say, my friend is no longer tending the plants.  We're still friends, though 😉

I guess on a positive note, I accidentally made my first feminized seeds.

But more importantly, I did NOT get a complete grow for a good test of the 550 watt led light.   So, I'm going to do another grow starting from scratch, again, for this purpose.   It'll be a few weeks to get ready and underway.  I'll post a link to the reDO here when it starts.

Till then, you may be interested in this new grow journal -- testing Onyx  ( Short Stuff seeds), and the 180 watt Pro Grow LED (made by Hydroponics Hut).

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