Marijuana Grow Journal: Flowering Under LED

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Announcing the start of an indoor grow 'experiment' using only LED lighting.

Officially starting today -- Follow along as I take one dozen cannabis plants through flowering using LED grow light technology.


LED powered grow lights have come a long way in just the last couple years. Today's new generation of LED grow lights incorporate 2 and 3 watt LED chipsets, up to 7 spectrums, and the ability to cover a wide area while penetrating light deep below the canopy. This is a far cry from the old 2-3 spectrum led grow lights using 1 watt LEDs.

These first generation LED lights alone were insufficient to supply cannabis plants with the spectrum and intensity of light they require to produce mature flowers. Growers would use LED as 'supplemental' lighting with good results. But without the light penetration and room coverage of the typical power-guzzling Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lights, the first generation of LED grow lights would be relegated to the 'veg' room.


That's where I first utilized LED grow lights in my indoor lab - for vegetation. Being strictly an outdoor grower for 30+ years, its been just 16 months ago that I built my indoor laboratory and started growing, researching, and developing in an indoor environment.  In my comittment to be "green" in my growing practices indoors - keeping the size of the carbon footprint as small as possible - I have only used LED and CFL (compact fluorescent) lighting extensively in my indoor grow lab.

lowryder 2 -- huge sticky buds under LED lightsThis has worked out SUPER for germination, cloning, and vegging. AWESOME, in fact.

But this Spring I decided to try LEDs in my flowering room. Because I am researching autoflowering strains to develop a self-contained, easy 'system' to encourage patients to grow their own ... I bought a pack of ten regular Lowryder #2 seeds from the Joint Doctor, and grew out the 6 females I got under LED.  ONLY LED.  I used a 3-light array of 90 watt UFOs.

As you can see from the photo on the left, taken at around day 60, these plants flourished under LED. They were covered in trichomes.  The yield was a little below average, at 30 grams per plant. The buds were medium density - room for improvement here too.

Still, I found the Lowryder #2 grow with LEDs VERY encouraging.

So here we are today, and the start of this grow  using only LEDs. With this experiment, I'm going to flower regular, photoperiod cannabis strains.   The plants you'll see in this grow are clones from cuttings I took in mid to late August and allowed to veg to about 14-16 inches.

The light I'm using in this grow is from Hydroponics Hut. I am not an employee or associate of Hydroponics Hut.  Instead, of the 8 LED grow lights I have purchased to date, 4 of them I bought from Hydroponics Hut.   I am a customer.

I will detail the specific strains, show views of the flower room, and give more detail about this grow in my next post in this journal.

Stay tuned so you can follow along.


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