Onyx Test Grow Using 180 Watt LED Grow Light, part 2


It's been almost two weeks since I started documenting the Onyx test grow using the 180 watt Pro Grow LED light.

Here's the Onyx seedlings - Photo on the right was taken yesterday, 13 days after the photo on the left. AMAZING, eh?

Onyx marijuana seedlings

Onyx marijuana seedlings - 1/19/2011

Onyx marijuana seedlings 12 days later.

Onyx marijuana seedlings - 2/1/2011

I had to repot the Onyx seedlings on the 25th as they all were pushing healthy roots several inches out the bottom of their 4-inch starter pots. They're in 2 gallon square pots now. They will get a final transplant into 3-4 gallon pots.

I'm VERY happy with the vigor of this Onyx strain. And they are REALLY Happy basking under the Pro Grow 180 watt LED grow light. From the looks of them so far, they're responding well and LOVIN' it.

I've actually been giving a few other seedlings a chance under this light - rotating a half dozen around the edge of the light's footprint for a few hours each day, then back under the fluorescents in the nursery area. Since I started doing this a week ago, even the other seedlings are showing more vigorour growth.

Here's a few more shots that I took on February 1st of the Onyx under the Pro Grow 180.

Onyx marijuana growing under 180 watt LED grow light.

Onyx under 180 watt Pro Grow LED

Onyx plant #3 is my favorite, so far.  Her original id tag was yellow, but I think it made her attract gnats.  So I made her a green tag instead, and no gnats since.

Onyx marijuana plant #3.

Onyx, plant #3.

Another group shot of the three Onyx girls.

Three Onyx marijuana seedlings.

Onyx seedlings after 13 days growth.

Stay tuned for the next update on this Onyx grow with 180 watt LED grow light.

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