Onyx Test Grow Using 180 Watt LED Grow Light, part 3

It's been almost two weeks since I last updated this grow.

The ONYX is growing strong and budding out nicely.  Here are a few quick photos I took today to show the progress.

Autoflowering marijuana strain, Onyx, under 180 watt LED.

Here's the three ONYX girls showing off their buds.

Onyx autoflowering marijuana grown under LED lighting.

Nine days ago I decided to test how ONYX performs being topped (plant #3), FIMd (plant #2), and unaltered (plant #1).  Before topping, Onyx plant #3 had the best structure.  But now its become the tallest with most distance between internodes.  The FIMd plant #2 is looking the best to me right now, with the unaltered plant a very VERY close runner up.

Here's FIMd Onyx Plant #2

FIM Onyx plant #2.

Stay tuned for the next Onyx grow journal update

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