Onyx Test Grow Using 180 Watt LED Grow Light, part 4

The Onyx plants have been doing their thing the last two weeks.  I have some photos for you today to show how flowering is progressing.  It's fairly easy to see the bud growth on each Onyx plant - flowers are definitely beginning to bulk up.  Have a look for yourself.   Just mouse over the photos and 'click' to enlarge.

Photo taken on 2/17                               Photo taken 3/2 (two weeks later)
Onyx marijuana plants
Onyx marijuana photo

Onyx marijuana photo

Onyx marijuana photo.























Onyx marijuana in flower.





























The topped plant - plant #3 - lagging a little behind the others in bud development.  It's the largest plant with most bud sites, due to being topped.

Onyx marijuana grow journal.










Onyx marijuana grow journal - Onyx photos.




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