Test Grow: ONYX under 180 watt High-Output LED Light


Onyx seedlings under 180 watt led grow light.Watch ONYX Start to Finish with the Pro Grow 180 watt LED Grow Light

This is a test grow -- testing both the marijuana strain (ONYX) and the LED grow light being used for the grow (180 watt Pro Grow LED).

Onyx -  purchased from Attitude Seeds
Pro Grow 180 - purchased from Hydroponics Hut

I purchased some ONYX seeds ( Short Stuff) and a new 180 watt LED PRO GROW light from Hydroponics Hut both around the same time.  Between holiday craziness and some health issues,  I was unable to work with either till now.  So, it makes sense to test performance of both at once in this grow.

I've got a special spot set up in my indoor grow area for the ONYX.  I have the Pro Grow 180 safely hung and set, for now, at an 18/6 light schedule.

So let's get this show on the road!

Grow Factoids:

Onyx is an autoflowering strain developed by Short Stuff breeder Stitch.  It should give higher yields because it grows a bit taller than the typical 'LowRyder' and other auto-flowering strains, reaching a height of ~ 24 to 30 inches.  Its a cross of several devastating strains, and breeder Stitch says the potency of Onyx IS devastating.

I purchased Onyx from the Attitude seed bank, and you can read more about Onyx and other Short Stuff varieties there.

Three Onyx marijuana seedlings.On 1/2/2011 I dropped three (3) Onyx seeds into a cup of water to soak for 12 hours.  Then using the paper-towel method, all three seeds sprouted tails within another 24 hours.  At that point I placed them about 1/4 inch deep into 4-inch pots containing a 50/50 mix of OMRI certified organic Black Gold coco blend and Roots Organics soils.  About 2-4 days later all three Onyx had sprouted up above the soil.

The photo in this post was taken on January 18th - seedlings a little over a week above the soil.  I think these Onyx seedlings look rather happy, don't you?

Pro Grow 180 watt LED Grow Light - the Pro Grow line of LED grow lights is exclusive to Hydroponics Hut.  I've purchased several LED lights from Hydroponics Hut.  Maybe you followed the 550 watt Pro Grow journal I started a few months back ...

Anyway, the 180 watt Pro Grow also uses high-output CREE bulbs just like the 550 watt.   The difference, of course, is that the 550 can handle up to ten plants (or a 6 foot x 6 foot area), and the 180 can handle up to 3 plants (up to 4 foot x 4 foot area).  You can get the complete specs and details on the LED grow light using the links above.

The grow area is in a finished basement (dry, insulated, heating ducts, etc) that stays in the range of 64-69 degrees in the Winter months, with heat ducts closed.

I'll post the next update when the seedlings show some growth.

pro grow 180 watt led

Here's a couple more shots of the plants under the light - you can see the two switches that control the light spectrum.

led grow lightOnyx seedlings under Pro Grow LED light.

Check out the next entry in this grow journal to see how the Onyx are progessing under Hydroponic Hut's Pro Grow 180 watt LED light.

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