More 2010 Outdoor Garden Photos


A few more photos from my state-licensed medical marijuana gardens.  I've already begun germinating for the 2011 outdoor season, which should definitely be a warmer, dryer, longer season than last year's record short one.

2010 outdoor medical marijuana garden

Probably my favorite to smoke from the 2010 growing season came from this plant/strain. The seeds were given to me by a friend and are of unknown genetics. It was the earliest finishing strain in all the gardens at about 42-45 days. The plant is of modest stature (36-46 inches) and grows wide and bushy with very hard round golf-ball sized nugs. If you've got any idea what strain this might be, leave a comment and let me know.

my favorite marijuana plant.

A closer look at it getting its bloom on. Wish you could smell it - it's exquisite and unusual.

Marijuana plant getting its bloom on.

Grown using 100% natural and organic nutrients and practices.  Because  we are what we eat, and we certainly are what we smoke.

Ganga girls starting to flower.

G13, Euphoria Rapido Fantastico, Big Mama (Big Bud cross), Elephant Bud, PNW Blueberry cross, and more happily coexist under the Pacific northwest sun.

2010 outdoor marijuana gardens.

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November 23, 2011

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