Dutch Passion Green Spirit Feminized seeds

Dutch Passion Green Spirit Feminized seeds

Dutch Passion Green Spirit Feminized  is crossed between Big Bud, known for big yields but some inconsistency, and Skunk No.1.  As a result, the strain of Green Spirit came to life. 

Dutch Passion Green Spirt Feminized is wildly used for commercial growing. Although she contains only 6.9% of THC, compared to some cannabis strains with nearly 22%, her plants have an explosive flowering and are extremely resinous. The best results can be achieved when the Green Spirits are cultivated indoors. Then, she is one of the highest yielding Skunks under artificial lights. 

The plants from her Cannabis Seeds are typically early maturing (flowering period 8-9 weeks), stable and highly potent with a very good yield.  A quarter of indica contributes to the Dutch Passion Green Spirit growing and compact bud formation, though mature plants gain primarily a sativa height and a sweet sativa smell. The buds are not especially hard, but then again rich in glands and equipped with many beautiful long hairs.

This skunk produces robust stems and branches to support her superior yields. The maximum height is between 150 cm and 250 cm.  The Green Spirit produces a more clear headed, energetic type of high.

5 and 10 feminized cannabis seeds available

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