Bright Angel From Private Dealer (jackethead)

Bright green goodness, if you ask me!  This bud visually reminds me of another strain, but for the life of me I can’t remember which one.  Help!

Bright Angel

Submitted By: jackethead (Member)

Camera Used: Pentax Optio E60

Name: Bright Angel

From: Private Dealer

Grade: B

Type: Hybrid (mainly Sativa)

Price: $60/3.5g

Looks: Ah…what to say, what to say.  These nugs were a little smaller, which indicated to me that it was a Sativa dominant.  Although I love BRIGHT, lime green colors…this one was a nice olive green with an almost blue undertone to it.  Still the same fuzzy orange hairs.  Most buds have little to no foliage on them.  This one had a fair amount of foliage but to compensate, it was covered in a thin veil of sandy trichomes.

Smell: Mostly skunk and lemons with a nice undertone of Diesel and cheese.

Taste: On the inhale, very hash-like and harsh.  On the exhale, straight diesel.

Buzz Type: Oddly enough, this starts in your fingertips and forehead; your eyes instantly glaze over and you can’t help but smile.  A nice body stone, but not too couch lock.  I was still able to function.  What I liked best was the creativity and positive vibes I got from this strain.  Very enjoyable.

Buzz Length: Short – medium.  Approximately 1 hour (one joint).

Overall: The buzz could have been a little longer because I kind of felt like I should have been smoking more 20 minutes after I finished my joint.  Like there was something left to be desired.  However, the fabulous creativity I got from it certainly made up for the lack of time.  And the comedown: flawless.  I HATE headaches and feeling groggy/tired.  This one was a beautiful come down.  But I most likely would not buy this strain again (if I had other choices).  -jackethead 

Bright Angel

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