Chem Kush From Private Dealer (tryptamine)

Gorgeous kush bud photos.

Chem Kush

Submitted By: tryptamine (Member and Editor)

Camera Used: Unknown

Name: Chem Kush

From: Private Dealer – Ontario, Canada

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Price: $40/3.5grams

Looks: Dense buds with a darker green tone to it.  Caked in matured trichomes with a good amount of hairs distributed around the bud.  The buds were perfectly manicured.

Smell: Skunky kush smell with a strong earthy undertone. 

Taste: Potent kush taste with fuel undertones. 

Buzz Type: Strong.  Potent couch lock buzz that incapacitates immediately. 

Buzz Length: Medium.  2 bowls kept me stoned for 2 hours. 

Overall: Great medicinal grade marijuana.  The buzz is perfect for my insomnia and provides a relaxing high that keeps you content for hours.  –tryptamine

Chem Kush

Thanks for your photos and review of Chem Kush.

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