OG Kush From West Valley Patients Group

OG Kush

Larry OG

Submitted By: High Till I Die (Member and Editor)

Camera Used: Nikon CoolPix L22

Name: Larry OG

From: West Valley Patients Group (Dispensary – Woodland Hills)

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Price: $60/8th

Looks: This OG has the lime green color with reddish brown hairs.  I personally believe this herb could have benefited with a little more time put into the trimming.  Although as you can see it is fairly well covered in trichomes.  Seems to be your typical OG!

Smell: This OG has a sour smell almost like it has a Sour Diesel cross in it.

Taste: Wow!  This is one harsh herb inhale and exhale harsh!  Started coughing almost immediately (I don’t have great lungs), you can tell it’s going to be a heavy hitter.

Buzz Type: Almost immediately after exhale you can feel the herb pounding through your body!  I’m only about 3 minutes in after a good size snap and I can really feel it in my hands and feet!!  15 min in and my head is floating on cloud 9.  This is not an herb I would recommend with outdoor activities.  Pull out a good movie and enjoy it as long as you can, that is until you pass out.  This is a great
herb for pain, you can feel the herb step by step unwinding your stress as you drift away into bliss!!

Buzz Length: Long.  2.5+ hours.

Overall: At first this bud had nothing that jumped out at me.  It really didn’t look special, the smell was your usual OG, the taste wasn’t in my opinion that great.  What it lacked in taste, smell, and looks it definitely made up for in its high!  That bud was one of the stoniest herbs I have had in awhile, it literally knocked me on my ASS.  I was going to give it a B- mainly because nothing stood out (the trichomes were nice though).  But after the magic carpet ride I went on because of this herb I couldn’t live with rating it that low!  Thus the reason for the A-.

Larry OG

Larry OG

Larry OG

Larry OG

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