Lowryder #2 – Indoor Test Grow, Day 68

Lowryder #2 harvestI'm working on finding an autoflowering strain that is both strong medicine and yields enough to supply a medical marijuana cardholder with enough medicine to get them by till their next harvest.  It may be that I will end up creating what I'm looking for.  But before that, I am 'testing' some available autoflowering strains to see if any come close.

I purchased a pack of 10 regular Lowryder2 seeds for a Summer indoor grow test.  I started the Lowryders about a week after I got all the outdoor ganga girls planted outside... June 24th.  The photo on the left is of the Lowryder girls.  I brought them outside yesterday in preparation to cut them and hang them to cure.

Out of ten seeds, I got 5 females with one of the females being stunted due to seed shell not falling off normally.

I experimented with topping and pinching some, and leaving the others unaltered.  I experimented with using LED lighting for the entire grow and flowering stages.  I experimented with a LOT of things.  And what I discovered so far is:

  • Lowryder #2 prefers NOT to be topped or pinched or trimmed.  The difference in yield looks significant between the topped plants and the unaltered plants.  I think this may be due to the fact that they have such a quick lifespan there is just not enough time for them to recover and build bigger buds or new bud sites after being topped or trimmed.
  • And they really love the LED lighting.   A whole lotta love!   Considering all the 'hell' I put those plants through using them as 'lab rats'... take a look at this example of the fat, sticky buds on these plants at day 65...

lowryder 2 -- huge sticky buds under LED lights

Pretty impressive for a 70-days-from-seed-to-harvest plant grown under LED lights, eh?

Looks can be deceiving sometimes -- So we'll have to wait till these babies cure before we can fire some up and do a full 'taste and medicinal effect' test on the Lowryder2.

I'll be moving on to the next autoflowering test grow shortly -- this time with ONYX, from Short Stuff seeds. It grows into a bit larger plant (24-30 inches) than the Lowryder (12-14 inches) and is said to have higher THC content. If all that is true, then ONYX is could be closer to what I'm looking for. But to find out, I will need to grow it out.

Stay tuned -- I'lll post some final pics and taste results on the cured Lowryder in about 10-14 days.