OG x Jack From West Valley Patients Group (High Till I Die)

Normally, Jack Herer crossed with anything is pretty superb. So, let’s have a look at this cross:  OG Kush X Jack Herer

OG x Jack

Submitted By: High Till I Die (Member and Editor)

Camera Used: Nikon CoolPix L22 

Name: OG x Jack

From: West Valley Patients Group (Dispensary – Woodland Hills)

Grade: B+

Type: Hybrid

Genetics: OG crossed with Jack Herer.  Since most OG strains are slightly Sativa dominant and Jack Herer is Sativa dominant I would assume this is roughly 75% Sativa and 25% Indica.  If anyone knows different please let me know.

Price: $60/8th

Looks: This herb definitely is a Sativa dominant.  You can tell by the bud structure – loose and kinda aerated, a little on the fluffy side but hey an 8th is an 8th right?  It seems to have almost a yellow hue to it and the hairs don’t really jump out at you.  Giving it a closer inspection you really can see all the trichomes and god giving goodness in this herb!

Smell: The immediate smell is spicy!  It has an interesting bite to it right off the start, it really grabs your attention!

Taste: Upon first inhale it is very smooth (which for my weak lungs is always a plus haha).  It has a little Latin love to it "spiciness" and is very smooth!!  The exhale is also very smooth!!  And again has a little spiciness and almost a musky aftertaste.

Buzz Type: The first 10 minutes of this herb I can slowly feel it creeping on.  It seems to be a good herb for daytime activities, I would say Sativa style high.  30 minutes into the high and I would say this is a perfect outdoor high for someone who smokes a lot! The herb keeps your mind active and yet a slight body high is felt, no signs of lethargy!

Buzz Length: Medium – 1.5 hours.

Overall: I really liked this bud!!  At first glance it appeared to be one of my least favorites.  What was I thinking – how could a Jack and OG cross really go wrong? hahah  Very nice taste and smell – interesting and different!  The look of the herb was very nice.  I’m usually not a big fan of fluffy bud, but this wasn’t one that was too bad in that aspect. 

The high is a perfect Sativa high!  This herb seems to be created for those who smoke throughout the day, but yet want to stay active!!  My only knock on this herb is the time of the high, I would have to be smoking every other hour to maintain my high. That is the reason I gave this herb a B+ instead of an A.  –High Till I Die 

OG x Jack 

OG x Jack

OG x Jack


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