Pineapple Blue Dream From Private Dealer (Stezz)

What do all you dank bud lovers out there think of this cross - Pineapple Blue Dream ?

Submitted By: Stezz (Member and Editor)

Camera Used: Nikon Coolpix S610

Name: Pineapple Blue Dream

From: Private Dealer

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid (Sativa dominant)

Genetics: Pineapple Express x Blue Dream

Price: $20/gram, $65/8th

Looks: Gives off a sativa look right away.  Somewhat dense and bright green with orange hairs, but most of the nugs are long slim and slender.  When I first saw this strain I thought it looked like what PE and BD usually look like without being crossed.  Such a great mix they look alike!

Smell: Amazing!  Straight up smells like pineapples mixed with blueberries!  This has got to be one of the best smelling marijuana ever next to the real Pineapple Express.

Taste: Amazing again, this bud tastes just like it smells!  It’s always nice to get a strain that tastes just like the smells; usually it is a great sign that you have powerful marijuana on hand :)

Buzz Type: A mind stimulator for sure, this buzz is pretty active and alert also.  I like to get out and do anything outside when I smoked this strain.  Perfect for a nice warm day!

Buzz Length: Long.  The buzz only lasted 2 hours tops at least for me, because I loved the way this stuff tasted and smelled so much that I would just pack up another one :)

Overall: Great marijuana all around, I loved getting out and doing anything on this bud.  More of a daytime strain for sure, but it’s nice to smoke before bed if you don’t mind your mind wandering for a bit before you fall asleep. 

Pineapple Blue Dream

Pineapple Blue Dream

Pineapple Blue Dream


Pineapple Blue Dream marijuana


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