Outdoor Marijuana Seeds – Donkey Kong

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You'll find seeds of the Donk (below), along with other varieties that I've been working with for some time.  All cannabis varieties listed at OregonGreenSeed.com are Pacific Northwest bred and grown. 



High-Yielding Sativa Dominant Marijuana Strain

Get Twenty (20) Seeds per Pack - Grow Plenty of Your Own High-Quality Bud.

Developed from potent old-school genetics - Columbian Gold,  Oaxacan, Panama Red, a high-altitude Mexican sativa, and a  bit of Thai/Asian (Blueberry, and some mysteries).

70% Sativa,  30% Indica

Cultivated outdoors for over 30+ years in the beautiful Pacific Northwest by a true Sativa diva.   Yes, that would be me 😉

Donkey Kong develops super long (donkey schlong), super large (King Kong) sized buds that are ready for harvest outdoors by mid to late October.  By September in cooler climates the leaves may turn a deep purple.  Its a very smooth, delicious tasting smoke that delivers a strong, lasting, UP-lifting high.

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Features of this potent sativa-dominant strain:

  • Germinates easy -- Easy to grow for beginners.
  • Yields from 300-900 gm/square meter (1/2 - 1 pound+ per plant), depending on growing conditions
  • Height from 5.5 - 7  feet at maturity (does well topped/pinched back if height is issue)
  • Turns purple in cooler climate as buds elongate and mature
  • Harvest mid to late October (at my location - 46 degrees north lat)
  • Produces VERY Long, very Fat, Dense and sticky buds with a
  • Tasty, smooth, slightly earthy and spicy smoke.
  • Cerebral, uplifting high with some body effects from the indica influence.
  • Medium odor when growing
  • Medical uses: depression, mood stabilization, seizure control,  moderate pain relief,  headache, energy and focus, nausea ...

I am the grower.  But I'm also a medical marijuana card holder in my state, and legally use this marijuana medicinally to control a seizure disorder (tonic clonic seizures).  This pot is now the only medicine I take for seizures. A side effect is it improves my mood and energy level.

It's also a great smoke for those that like a good buzz with some staying power -- perfect for fun and giggles, playing outdoors, toking and sharing socially with friends.  But be sure to warn your 'light weight' friends, as the stone 'come on' with Donkey Kong can sky-rocket and knock newbies for a loop.

If you're considering growing your own medical grade marijuana, or you're looking for a quality outdoor strain to add to your repertoire -- These seeds are limited, and at this crazy low price you'd better grab some Donkey Kong today.

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