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You will be taken to a secure, online payment processor to purchase - this is truly a secure payment option for you instead of sending cash through the mail. And since your payment isn't coming by 'snail mail', it allows me to ship your seeds right away (within 24-72 hours of payment confirmation).


  1. Please, INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS via the 'Shipping Instructions' link on the final payment confirmation page.
  2. To Be DOUBLE SAFE, Also Send your Complete SHIPPING ADDRESS to me via Email here:   oppgroup  <<AT>>

You MUST include and/or send me your shipping address - I can NOT send you your order without it (duh).  Be sure to use a good/deliverable email address so I can notify you when your order ships.

donkey kong budDONKEY KONG

High-Yielding Sativa Dominant Marijuana Strain

Twenty (20) Seeds per Pack -Shipped Directly & Discreetly to the Address You Specify.


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Its located at Oregon Green Seed