These pages are a repository of images taken at tiddlywinks tournaments in the UK. Most of these were taken for submission to Winking World. Please note that Andrew Garrard's images are taken between periods of play at tournaments, which means that necessarily the representation of attendees at the tournaments will be incomplete; he apologises both for this and for any limitations in photographic competence.

Note: Most images are available in a moderately-sized version suitable for online viewing and a larger version suitable for high-quality (or at least, the nearest approximation) reproduction. The smaller images are typically scaled to roughly HDTV resolution; please don't hammer the poor little web server looking at larger images unless you really need to; it lives on a consumer connection and is not designed to handle a high load.

All images are copyright © Andrew Garrard, the English Tiddlywinks Association and Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club. Licence is granted for use by the people in the photos and for any purpose promoting or reporting on tiddlywinks, so long as doing so does not bring harm to the person or reputation of the copyright holders or people in the images.

The following is a work in progress as more of the photographic back-catalogue get uploaded; please check back soon for more.

The Varsity Match (Oxford, February 2020)
The ETwA National Pairs (Downing College, October 2019)
The London Open (Twickenham, September 2019)
The ETwA National Singles (Downing College, April 2019)
Geoff Thorpe (memorial compilation)
The Cambridge Open (Emmanuel College, January 2019)
The Somerset Invitation (Chilcompton, January 2019)
Reunion/comemmoration of the Royal Match (Emmanuel College, November 2018)
The ETwA National Pairs (Downing College, November 2018)
The London Open (Twickenham, September 2018)
The ETwA National Singles (Downing College, April 2018)
The ETwA Teams of Four (Ely, February 2018)
The ETwA Cambridge Open (Selwyn College, February 2018)
The ETwA National Singles (Downing College, April 2017)
The ETwA National Handicapped Individual Pairs (Ely, April 2017)
The Cambridge Open (Selwyn College, Feburary 2017)
The Somerset Invitation (Chilcompton, January 2017)
The ETwA National Pairs (Downing College, November 2016)
The London Open (London, September 2016)
The ETwA National Singles (Downing College, April/May 2016)
The Cambridge Open (Selwyn College, February 2016)
The National Handicapped Individual Pairs (Nottingham, November 2015)
The London Open (London, September 2015)
The Cambridge Open (Selwyn College, January 2015)
Splash images from the CUTwC web site

Those wishing to learn more about tiddlywinks may wish to check the pages of the English Tiddlywinks Association, Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club or the North American Tiddlywinks Association.