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All images are copyright © Andrew Garrard, the English Tiddlywinks Association and Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club. Licence is granted for use by the people in the photos and for any purpose promoting or reporting on tiddlywinks, so long as doing so does not bring harm to the person or reputation of the copyright holders or people in the images. Generally the smaller image size is 1080 pixels (FHD) on the longer axis and suitable for web use; the larger image is either original resolution or at least higher quality. If using these in external media, please copy the image rather than linking here — this web server is not suited to high traffic.

CUTwC had a loose academic connection with John Conway via former president Ben Fairbairn. The site maintainer's computer graphics background also made me aware of him — for example in this C signature program:

	  #include <stdio.h>
          long l=17895696,p,m[8],n[8]={0,65536,4096,1118208},y,z;main(x){for(;p++^14;
          ;--y;m[x]+=z*17+z/16)z=n[x+y-2];for(;--x;n[x]=m[x]);}} /* Andrew Garrard */

The following is SVG manipulated by Javascript — in Life terminology it's a Simkin glider gun, which repeats on a reasonably long cycle (except for the gliders being send off to infinity top and bottom); there's a Gosper gun commented out if anyone wants to try it. There's a chequerboard pattern alternating the red/blue and yellow/green teams. The pattern of winks within a team is chosen to limit too many identical winks in a row, which is a risk if you just alternate; each position does have a fixed colour, rather than being determined randomly for each iteration. Each iteration adds winks to the top of the others, squop style. Obviously there are too many winks in play, but the a smaller grid (like the signature program) is a bit boring.